Participation in a Scientific and Technical Conference in Athens

Thanks to the financial and organizational support of the MOST program, Mikhail Bunevich, graduate student of the Department of Information Radio Technologies, BSUIR visited and participated in the scientific and technical conference and the 7th Annual International Conference on Industrial, Systems and Design Engineering took place in Athens,. The participation in the conference allowed me to gain new knowledge and valuable experience in the field of modern information security systems. During the conference, problems of industrial engineering were discussed, in which information protection issues at various levels were outlined. At the conference, I presented my report on the topic "Algorithms of information security in radio frequency communication channels of information devices". Participation in the conference made it possible to establish professional and personal contacts, which I plan to use for the further development of cooperation with European partners. The organization of the conference was held at a high technical level. My trip was short, but sufficient to form my view of Greece as a separate country on the one hand and as a part of the European Union on the other hand. For me, European values are, firstly, the ability to work and, secondly, to know and respect your history. The Greeks, like most Europeans, love their country very much. They talk with inspiration about how bravely people fought to preserve their religion, culture and traditions. I am very grateful to the organizers of the MOST project for the opportunity to participate in the conference and for the presentation and discussion of the results of my research at the international level. Sincerely, Mikhail Bunevich