• Non-professional contacts.
  • Tourist and recreational trips.
  • Applications for visits to Belarus from EU citizens rather than their Belarusian partners.
  • Mobility actions in countries outside of the EU.
  • Financing of other programs or projects.
  • Travel programs appropriate for other projects sponsored by the EU or individual EU members.

In the application, you may indicate concrete dates of a planned event. Also indication of alternative dates for targeted event is possible.

Only one target country per mobility within MOST is possible.

MOST has a permanent call for applications, which means that you are very welcome to submit your application at any time your application is ready.

Due to a high number of submitted applications, we strongly recommend to apply no later than four months before the start of the event.

Unfortunately not, MOST does not cover the costs of transfer to and from Minsk National Airport.
MOST does not finance activities that mainly aim at academic exchange or capacity building actions. In this case, please consider other EU funded programmes, such as:


MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS Research Fellowship Programme:

In case your application has been rejected, you are very invited to improve the content of your application and apply again. Of course, we welcome and are very open for your completely new ideas and initiatives.

One individual can apply for the MOST project unlimited number of times.
A MOST participant can implement maximum three mobility actions to the EU. Furthermore, each implemented mobility to EU provides an opportunity for Belarusian citizens to invite EU partners to Belarus in the framework of "return visit".

The number of application's submissions is not limited.

Only one application can be processed at a time.
In your application we expect you to provide arguments that your activities and gained expertise from/with EU partners is relevant for Belarus in national or regional context. The goals and objectives of the MOST program shall be your professional growth, durable contacts and partnerships with your colleagues from the EU. You also shall describe the plan, itinerary or program of your visit, as well as explain how gained experience will be used or implemented in the future.
This may be seen by our experts as an indicator that you can work independently and target oriented. If you have found an organization or a partner from the EU, which might be interested in your project, it may mean you have all needed capacity to make your project happen, as well as provide a confidence that further communication and established contacts will be of durable and sustainable nature.
In this case, MOST team will help you. Please, state in your application that you do not have professional contacts with EU partners. MOST will help you to establish these contacts. The main precondition for such partner search shall be, however, an approved application, i.e. after your application is approved, we will start with required partner search.

Your aim shall be based on a realistic idea and be relevant in regional or national context of Belarus. Visiting EU partners - shall not be seen as a self-target of your project, but rather knowledge and experiences that you intend to gain in the EU. So, your aim might be durable professional contacts with EU partners, as well as targeted experience or knowledge.

We expect you to have a clear understanding of your aim, content and problem(s) you are addressing, e.g. why there is a need to implement your project or why this or another experience from EU partners is needed. Furthermore, you shall convince us that established contacts with EU partners within your mobility action will be durable and sustainable.
MOST covers logistics related expenses such as: transportation costs, accommodation, daily allowance and visa costs.

Furthermore, MOST covers event's organizational costs such as: fees for participation in conferences, fairs, exhibitions, festivals and other events; however, the maximum amount of organizational costs that may be financed by MOST is 1000 euros per participant. In case of exceeding the above-mentioned amount, participants may finance organizational expenses that exceed 1000 euros from their own budget or from other sources.

Each cost item is paid separately. We do not provide any grants.

MOST is a project for any individuals with different professional or educational background and from any region of Belarus.

Technical preconditions are:

  1. Belarusian citizenship;

  2. Applicant's age at the moment of submission shall be at least 18.

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