MOST is a project intended for individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and every region in Belarus. Applications are accepted without restrictions. The requirements are Belarusian citizenship and an age of 18 or older. MOST is open to everyone.
MOST covers all expenses relating to the trip: travel, accommodation, food, as well as fees associated with participation in conferences, trade shows, art shows, festivals and other events. Each item is paid for separately. We do not provide grants.
In any case, you must have a clear idea of why you are going and what you want to achieve.
It should based on a realistic idea — just as the result you expect: new contacts, experience, sharing knowledge. No visit should be viewed as an end in itself: knowledge you gain in Europe must be applied in Belarus. The goal is to create new impetuses and niches for development.
Support is available. State in your application that you do not have professional contacts in the EU. MOST will help you establish these contacts, as long as your underlying idea is good.
This shows you are serious. If you have found an organization interested in your work, it means you have the capacity to make the project happen.
Your application should provide reasons why your activity and expected partner expertise would be relevant for Belarus. You also need to describe the plan, itinerary or program of your visit, and explain how you want to use the experience you acquire in the EU. This must not be a tourist trip. The goals and objectives of the MOST program are professional growth, and new contacts and partnerships that will continue.
A participant can take up to three trips. The number of submissions is not limited. Note, however, that only one application can be considered at any given time. Return visits are not counted toward the quota.
Improve the description of your goals and application content, and try again. One individual can apply for the MOST project an unlimited number of times.
MOST does not support activities appropriate for standard academic exchange programs.
No, MOST does not cover the costs of transfer to and from Minsk National Airport.
Applications must be submitted no later than four months before the planned start of the event.

An application is considered for a specific date and one country only.

You should specify the following:
  • trip dates;
  • alternative dates.
You can specify only one country.
  • Non-professional contacts.
  • Tourist and recreational trips.
  • Applications for visits to Belarus from EU citizens rather than their Belarusian partners.
  • Mobility actions in countries outside of the EU.
  • Financing of other programs or projects.
  • Travel programs appropriate for other projects sponsored by the EU or individual EU members.

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