What does MOST mean, and how can I make use of it?

You are a Belarusian citizen planning professional mobility actions to EU member states?

MOST offers unique opportunities.

You are looking for establishing new professional partnership relations or you are going to continue and deepen your already existing ones? 

MOST is the appropriate instrument.

You intend to take part in a conference, a fair, a festival or a similar event? 

MOST can help.

You wish to realize your professional partnership project within a small group or as an individual? 

MOST provides opportunities.

Your time frame allows a short term mobility action or even a long term internship? 

MOST is flexible. 

You are interested? Then go through the application manual for more detailed information, and in case of questions, do not hesitate to contact the Project Management.

What sectors does MOST cover?

MOST encourages applications from the following core sectors: culture, education & youth, science & technology. But also applications from other sectors, such as public health, public administration, tourism, mass media, economy, etc. are welcome.

MOST is most flexible regarding contents.

How may I find appropriate professional partners in the EU?

You have the opportunity to get support in organizing your mobility action and in finding appropriate professional partners in the EU.

If you would like getting support in seeking new professional partnership relations, fill in the respective paragraph of the application form very precisely.

There is the possibility that MOST will offer for example a tour guide or a senior expert in the target country. MOST will render partner search support.

British Council does the recruitment of these experts.

Who may apply for MOST?

MOST accepts applications from Belarusian citizens at minimum age of 18.

MOST invites the public and the private sector, civil servants and civil society, administrative officers and NGO staff, artists, writers and composers, librarians and editors, employees and entrepreneurs, physicians and physicist.

MOST is flexible regarding target groups.

What formats of mobility actions can be applied for?

Mobility actions may be arranged in the following formats:

Small groups - short term 2 to 5 persons – up to 7 days
Individuals - short term up to 7 days
Individuals -  long term  internships up to 4 weeks


Meetings to establish/deepen professional cooperation, joint project elaboration, international professional events, like conferences, fairs, festivals, etc.

It is also possible to apply for return visits from EU partners. In this case, the application should be submitted by the Belarusian partner.

MOST is flexible regarding the formats of mobility actions.

Where can I travel to?

All 28 EU member states and Belarus are MOST target countries.

What languages should I speak?

In general the participation in MOST mobility actions does not require the command of the target country language. However, participants themselves are responsible for comminication with their partners/at confernces etc.

MOST cannot support interpreter services for your moblity action.

What costs does MOST cover?

MOST covers all expenditures of mobility actions, such as: travel, accommodation, subsistence, visa and admission fees.

Is there any sector or activity MOST cannot support?

MOST is not meant to implement any tourist and recreation activity.

MOST will not support non-professional contacts.

Applicants from EU countries will not be accepted. Mobility actions from Belarus to other than EU membership countries are not eligible.

MOST is no co-financing instrument to implement other projects or activities.

MOST does not support actions that are covered by other programmes (i.e.lecturers' and students' exchange etc.).

How is the selection procedure been carried out?

Step one: 

You fill in the application form on MOST website and send it to the Project Management. You will receive your individual/group application ID Code.

Step two: 

The Project Management will check the general eligibility and contact you in case of questions.

Step three: 

The Expert Teams, one for each sector, consisting of outstanding Belarusian professionals, will assess your application.

Step four: 

After assessment your application will be sent to the Steering Committee for decision and approval.

Step five: 

You will be informed about the decision of the Steering Committee. If your application is successful, you will be invited by the Project Management to start the mobility action preparations.

What you should bear in mind?

  • The Steering Committee is the sole decision making body of MOST; its decisions are final. There is no use contacting the Project Management for clarification of the Steering Committee’s decisions.
  • The application and selection procedure will be time-consuming (about 4 months), so better apply in time and allow extra time. 
  • Applications submitted less than 3 months before the start of the event will be rejected.

Individual applications

Just fill in the application form on MOST website.

Group applications

ONE group member should fill in the application form first.At the end he/she will get an application ID Code, which is the ID Code for the whole group. He/she has to pass this ID Code to the other members of the group. Each group member has to fill in a separate application form using the group ID Code for access. Completion of the group members’ applications will start from point V Personal Data. The whole group application should be completed within one week.

Useful hints for all:

  • You may download the application form to get acquainted with the information required before you start filling in.
  • Keep your ID Code for further communication with the Project Management.
Also check FAQ for more detailed information.