How do I submit an application for MOST?

Individual applications

You fill out the form on the MOST website. The application form is assigned an ID code.

Group applications

This type of application must be filled out by the group supervisor first.

The supervisor receives an ID code and passes it on to other group members.

Each of the group members has one week to use the code for filling out the application form. The Personal Details sections must be filled out first.

Return visit

This type of application form can be filled out only by Belarusian citizens who have successfully completed a project under the MOST program.

Application review process:

Project managers check the general validity of the application form and contact you if there are issues
A group of independent subject experts evaluate the application form
The application is forwarded to the Steering Committee, which makes a final decision
The project managers inform you about the Steering Committee’s decision and invite you to start preparations for your trip if approved


  • the minimum application review time is three months;
  • applications submitted less than four months before event start will not be considered.

Mobility actions can have the following formats:

  • small group (2 to 5) — short stay (up to 7 days);
  • one person — short stay (up to 7 days);
  • one person — long stay: internship of up to 28 days;
  • return visit, one person — up to 14 days;
  • return visit, group of 2 to 5 — up to 14 days.

Useful tips:

  • You will need the ID code for further communications with the project managers.
  • You may download the application form to review the requirements in advance.
Please refer to the FAQ section for details.