The goal is to encourage professional contacts between citizens of Belarus and partners from member states of the European Union.
You are very welcome to become our MOST participant, if you e.g. plan to:
  • acquire new experience and knowledge from/with EU partners
  • work with international peers in different professional sectors
  • set up joint projects with EU partners
  • find out more about innovation, new products and advanced technology
  • represent Belarus and the results you achieved while working in the EU

Generally, there are no restrictions for MOST applicants in terms of your educational background, current experineces or field of occupation. However, applicants shall be at least 18 years old and have Belarusian citizenship.

Project's themes are very diverse and include: science and technology; business, innovation and IT; culture, education; healthcare; sports and tourism; civil society and others.

Professional contacts with European partners may be established through:
  • master classes
  • conferences
  • festivals
  • interships
  • trade shows
  • information visits to organizations, companies and educational institutions
  • internships of varying duration
Participation in MOST may have following formats:
short-term stay implies a trip to Europe of up to 7 days. You can go alone or as part of a group of 2 to 5.
long-term stay allows you to spend up to 28 days in the EU. This can be a one-person trip only.
return visit
EU citizens who are partners of Belarusian MOST participants can make return visits of up to 14 days. A requirement for this trip format is a project completed successfully by a Belarusian partner with the help of MOST.
return visit

To participate, you need to fill out the application form, which will be evaluated by our independant thematic experts. Experts' evaluation has a recommendational character. The final decision is made by the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

MOST covers logistics expenses of mobilty action, including transportation costs, accommodation, daily allowance and visa costs. Furthermore, MOST covers such event's organisational costs as: fees for participation in conferences, fairs, exhibitions, festivals and other events; however, the maximum amount of organisatinal costs that may be finaced by MOST shall not exceed 1000 euros per participant. In case of exceeding the above-mentioned amount, participants may finance organisational expenses that exceed 1000 euros from their own budget or from other sources.